The Value of Medium Awesome

by Megan on August 21, 2011

We too often get caught up with waiting to create truly awesome content. That’s a great goal. But, sometimes you have to ask yourself… would medium awesome be just fine? Creating medium awesomeness content regularly will get you way further than waiting for that one perfect post/video/opportunity. All too often I get caught in this trap myself. You’ll notice how rarely I blog here. Clearly, I’m waiting for awesome to come punch me in the face. Creating something, anything, is a better step one than just waiting. So here is my medium awesome post of the week. Where’s yours?

* for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “medium awesome” here’s the definition:

Medium Awesome: me·di·um awe·some: adj, pretty terrific, somewhat extraordinary.

This post was inspired by the, not just medium awesome, but truly awesome 20SB Summit I went to this weekend in Chicago. I was floored by all the amazing people I met there and how they put themselves out there. It made me want to as well.

  • Helena Butters

    I don’t know why I thought I was the only one with this issue before this weekend, but it’s reassuring to know that other people also struggle with the idea of things either being so-perfect-completely-awesome or utter-horrible-crap. There is a middle ground.

  • Megan Berry

    and thank god for that! :) u00a0

  • Brian

    Maybe it’s also worth pointing out that medium awesome — or less awesome content than that — could create truly awesome* content through conversation or interactions with community members. nnAnnie LaMott has a great discussion of Sh*tty First Drafts in ‘Bird By Bird,’ but maybe can tweak that idea just a bit for social media. nn*That’s the last time I’ll type ‘awesome’ three times in one sentence ever again.

  • 2011 20sbsummit (medium awesome) Recap | Frank McDade | Geeky Impresario

    [...] in, “consistently be putting stuff out there and make it at least medium awesome. [...]

  • Frank McDade

    The whole premise of “medium awesome” can help bring all of the various great blog titles and topics I have laying around to life. u00a0At the end of the day, it’s smart to remind ourselves that we’re not the only ones doing this and that we’re all in it together. :) <~ positiveu00a0sentiment.

  • Ben Boudreau

    Thirded. Or seconded depending on how we’re counting here…

  • Nicole

    Things that are not awesome? Being punched in the face, even if it’s by awesomeness personified… But that picture is pretty stellar.

  • Unforgiven_shoe2

    wich one?