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SXSW Panel: Community & Influence: How to not piss people off

by Megan on August 18, 2011

Managing a community is full of contradictions. You need to treat people equally but you also need to give extra attention to your most engaged and influential members. You want to engage and respond to everyone but you don’t want to engage with the haters. You know you need to take a step back but also can’t help caring a bit too much.

I’m excited to be proposing a panel for SXSW on these contradictions, joined by the amazing Maria Ogneva, Director of Community at Yammer, and Frank Eliason, the man behind Comcast Cares. We’re lucky enough to have Evan Hamilton, community manager at UserVoice, as our moderator.

So I’d love if you vote for our panel, but I’ll give you a few more reasons in case you’re not yet convinced:

  1. We’re actually going to disagree. Influence and community is controversial and we come down on different sides of it.
  2. Forget about me, getting a chance to hear Maria, Frank, and Evan on this subject is an awesome opportunity
  3. We’ll make it practical. We all understand the day to day working of community management. We’re not just going to talk about buzzwords, we’re gonna get to the nitty gritty of how to implement these ideas.

Let me know if you have any questions!

  • themaria

    Awesome post, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m totally excited to have this opportunity to talk with such bright and passionate people about a topic that’s really important and also polarizing. Panels where people agree are boring! :)

  • Gina Carr

    It looks like a very interesting panel. u00a0I voted for it and hope it is selected.