My 5 Favorite Posts of 2010

by Megan on January 9, 2011

In a recent moment of nostalgia (quite fitting for January, right?) I looked back over the blog posts I wrote in 2010. It’s like looking at time capsule of what inspired (or sometimes, annoyed) you in the year before. If you’re a blogger, take a look back at your writing, I promise it’s worth the time.

So, here are my five favorite posts of 2010 (in time order):

  • The Gender Battle’s Not Over – January, Huffington Post. Since I started working in the tech industry I had been consistently struck by how off the gender balance is. I wrote about this subject as a prelude to the Women in Tech Catalyst Conference. Certainly a controversial subject, but an article I’m happy I wrote.
  • Why Follower Count Doesn’t Measure Twitter Performance - June, Klout Blog. This was certainly not my first blog post for the Klout blog, but one that struck at the core of why I joined Klout and find it so interesting. It solves a real measurement problem present in social media.
  • HOW TO: Build a Twitter Strategy for Your Business – June, Mashable. I had written in Mashable before this, but this was my first Twitter/Social Media focused post for them.
  • Why I Hate the Term Personal Branding – August, Part Time Perfectionist. There is no reason this post should make this list. I mostly wrote it for me, not for anyone else and it was on this blog so didn’t receive anywhere near the readership of these other posts. It’s not polished, and it’s quite short. That being said, I just had to include it.
  • How to Create a Twitter Response Strategy – December, Amex Open Forum. My second post ever for Amex Open Forum. Definitely an honor to be on there and I greatly enjoyed putting this post together as it made me think through my own response strategy which was more intuitive than planned out before this.

What are your five favorite posts from 2010? I’d love to read them!

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    Great articles! Thanks for the list.

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    Interesting idea for a post Megan… now I completely wish I had thought of this a few weeks ago! Here are my fave posts of ’10:nnHow driving in a blizzard parallels managing social media:n pitch tips for nonprofits:n pages every charity website should have:n of five interviews w/Ad Execs, through nonprofit eyes:n Donor Thoughts:n, nDevin (@moredonors)

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    Wrong link for your “Why Follower Count Doesnu2019t Measure Twitter Performance ” story