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  • Don’t Make Me Choose

    by Megan on May 10, 2012

    I LOVE tech. Yes, I’m on the marketing/social side, but that doesn’t make my love of technology any less fervent. I don’t want to talk about how many guys or girls are in tech. I want to talk about where it’s going. What’s next. Exciting shit. But instead, we have brogramming and “fun” videos to attract developers

    And you know, what? The answer is not lightening up, as Katie can explain so much better than I can. Instead, how about we stop making these “jokes” and actually move on. As in, let’s stop this brogramming shit, recognize there are amazing women programmers, amazing women in tech and move on collaborating on awesome ideas. K, thanks.

    • Jeb Ory

      Right on, Megan.u00a0

    • Abacus Franchise

      You’ve always had the choice, Google will always be available on the internet, and I’m sure if they lose their default status there will be a Google App for that. Google pays 100 million dollars to apple for that default search, as such Apple has the right to sell that right to the highest bidder. Maybe MS wants to pay more. Google was not made the search engine for the Apple for you as a user. It paid to be there.

    • Abacus

      make a choice means you have more then one option. technology is also my first love too. It always come to the first and last option or can say choice to me. :)