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5 Tips for Dealing with Complaints on Twitter

by Megan on August 13, 2010

I’ve got a new post on Mashable today on 5 Tips for Dealing with Complaints on Twitter. Dealing with complaints on Twitter has now become commonplace and it can be hard to find advice on best practices. Not to say my post is perfect, but I hope it gets a discussion going from both the company and consumer side on what those best practices are.

I always find on the customer side, I respond positively to outreach, if done at all reasonably. As all companies tune into this, it will be interesting to see if it’s possible to overdo it. Hat tip for starting me thinking about this issue to @brightmatrix with his tweet regarding engagement. I think right now at least, engaging produces the best results, but I’m definitely on the lookout for the tipping point where it may become too much.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    I definitely think that a quick response goes a long way. But the conversation doesn’t need to turn into a huge back and forth discussion. A simple acknowledgment and recognition of the problem is sufficient. The conversation at some point needs to be taken off-line or through the appropriate support system. For example, we use Zendesk at our company.

  • S Smyth

    Saw it and that is how I found you. The power of social media reaches even leafy Buckinghamshire in the UK